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Artist Statement


My artwork centers on our collective relationship to materials, natural and manufactured, pairing extremes to challenge the formulaic materiality built around us. The current climate crisis has necessitated a time of questioning our collective actions, social systems, distribution, consumption, energy sources, manufacturing processes, and ethics. I aim to shift the normalized rhetoric around objects’ duplicitous toxicity, which downplays their role as instigators of public health crises. I hope to capture this historically pivotal moment of friction.

My collage work involves a multi-step process mimicking processes that abstract natural materials into unnatural products. I begin by creating sculptures, paintings, collages, and photographs. I then create a composite photo collection by photographing the material work. I warp the images by scan glitching or photographing through screens or transparent materials up to three times. Fragmenting and reassembling the images, a collage forms, achieving the effect of ocular hopping and a visual map from saccadic eye movements.

I am inspired by Sarah Sze’s blurring the lines between mediums and Gabriel Orozco’s archival approach. Attempting to form contradictions as Mark Tansey ingeniously engineers, my paintings display objects isolated from their natural environment, paired with unlikely partners, posed with theatrical stage lighting reminiscent of Edgar Degas.

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